A Message From Natasha Staten


Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

I am honored to have the opportunity to join the Del Valle Middle School family and partner with you to serve our students. As the principal, my mission is to encourage, motivate and guide each member of school community to academic excellence. My goal is to create a collaborative environment conducive to student’s success using a curriculum that is stimulating, rigorous and rich in technology so that we can embrace the growing needs of our diverse population.

As we venture on this journey, we will enlist the support of our community members, parents, facility and staff to help our students become life long positive functioning members of society with the goal of enhancing achievement one student at a time.

Providing quality, broad-based academic direction and leadership remains one of the most important features for success. I am excited about the opportunity to enhance the performance of our learning organization at DVMS. I am thoroughly invested in fulfilling the mission and vision of DVMS guided by my core values, ethics, equality and commitment to students and staff. With dedication, hard work, and collaboration DVMS will reach new heights because we are willing to do “Whatever It Takes”.